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Cumbre Europea de Arquitectura de Información


Estaré presente como ponente en la Cumbre Europea de Arquitectura de Información que se llevará a cabo en Berlín a finales de septiembre. Soy uno de los 13 seleccionados para este año. Mi presentación tratará sobre Persuabilidad. Aquí debajo incluyo el abstract.

Persuadability: seduce to convert

It is an undeniable fact that we have come a long way since the beginning of the web. We have learned from our own mistakes and have a better understanding on how to improve our clients’ on-line presence. We have discovered how users behave on the web and have determined some behavioural patterns. We know many usability tricks and our methodology is getting better and more cost-effective.
Nonetheless the results are still far behind our expectations. Customers are still unable to complete transactions successfully, whether they are banking transactions, flight reservations, or e-government procedures. We know that conversion rates are lower than we want them to be.

To achieve the desired conversion, we focus on applying persuasive communication techniques. These techniques work well in other media, they only need to be adapted for on-line communication. To achieve higher conversion rates we need to go beyond the simple mantra of usability and blue underlined links, we need to apply Persuadability.

Persuadability can be understood as a combination of both persuasion and usability. Persuadability can be defined as the capability of an on-line presence to bring a user into action and convert him into a customer (understood in a broad sense). To achieve this goal we need to use rational arguments and high usability as well as emotional arguments to touch users’ hearts. This conversion process can be seen as a series of actions and decisions at a micro level.

Más inhaladores


En un comentario a un post anterior sobre inhaladores Isaac Kociak comentaba que gran parte del aerosol queda retenido en garganta y boca, lo cual es totalmente cierto. Por esta razón se han diseñado mejores tipos de inhaladores, como estos: